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We all seek a financial life that produces long term wealth, security and income. If this could be done while reducing risk, wealth erosion and financial costs, then all the better. 

Life doesn’t occur in a vacuum and our financial decisions shouldn’t be made in one as well. Every one of us makes financial decisions throughout our life at different times, with different people, all under different circumstances. This typically leads to feeling confused, unorganized, and not sure if we’ve made the right decision for us or our family.

Every decision we make has an impact on other decisions in ways that are not always apparent. Understanding the basics of how money works is critical to moving ahead with confidence. 

*Investment advice is provided by Lamar Barden and Ande Frazier, Park Avenue Securities.

Financial Advice Shouldn't Be Complicated

Financial Advice Shouldn't Be Complicated

At Clocktower Wealth Management, we partner with you to evaluate where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.  When you understand how money works, you transform your relationship to money.  Once this happens, you can be better prepared to overcome challenges, handle threats and take advantage of opportunities.  We invite you to let us know how we can help you create the financial future you deserve. 

*Investment advice is provided by Lamar Barden & Ande Frazier, HTK Investment Advisory Representatives.

Dr. Lamar Barden has a Doctorate in Ministry.

We focus on you!

We focus on you!

Whether you are investing to build wealth, protect your family, or preserve your assets, our personalized service focuses on YOU!

We aren’t interested in selling you a product or telling you everything will be fine.  We are interested in letting you know exactly where you are and showing you options for getting to where you want to be.  Transparent, straightforward conversations allow you to know what is going on and make conscious thoughtful decisions about your money.

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